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With three various layouts and a combination of filters and sorting for each layout, the portfolio case component allows you to display your projects. It supports any device and presents your portfolio using jQuery and CSS3 with a variety of animations for each layout (Desktop, Laptop, Tab, and Mobile). For both admin and front-end users, it provides a modal popup for image and detail case views. Even if you load 100 study cases at once for various layouts/templates, this component is constructed in a way that it won’t slow down your loading time.

With this component, you may provide a category and tag for each case study. In addition to choosing a related case study for each entry, you can create a case study using a combination of photographs, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and text. You can choose one of the two available detail page layouts for each layout. You can filter down to all case studies for a category or tag from the front end detail view.

The menu parameters and component global settings provide you the choice of a list template, detail page template, item number, before text, and a few more variables. If you use menu parameters, menu parameter settings will take precedence over global settings.


  • Three possible presentation formats for your case study.
  • A facility for each layout to be sorted or filtered.
  • Languages in the following alphabets are supported: en-US, en-GB, da-DK, no-NO, ro-RO, fi-FI, el-GR, pt-BR, es-ES, fr-CH, fr-FR, nl-NL, pl-PL, it-IT, ru-RU, and de-DE
  • Totally responsive on all devices.
  • Clear and simple to use.
  • Supported by all current browsers.
  • Pagination or loading more for various layouts.
  • Image-displaying modal window.
  • The admin panel offers options for adding an unlimited number of case studies.
  • For each layout, templates, a list of items, and a before text can be configured using global configuration and menu parameters.
  • Quick loading and won’t slow down your page load.
  • Since each label is translated using a language pack for both the front-end and the back-end, this extension should function very well in a multilingual setting.

Installation and Configuration:

You will receive a zip bundle after making this extension purchase. Please navigate to the System => Install Extensions section of the Joomla 4.x admin panel to install that. After selecting your zip package from your local computer and pressing upload, this component will be installed, and you should receive a success message.

To access the dashboard, go to Components => Portfolio Cases => Cases. You can make new categories, tags, and case studies from this panel. If you are familiar with the operation of Joomla components, creating your case study should be rather straightforward. You can now choose a portfolio’s category, tag, and linked portfolios when establishing it. Once at least one portfolio has been created, related portfolios will appear on the list.

You may set specific parameters for this portfolio component using the Options button in the top right corner. There is now an option to set some parameters from the menu; in that case, the menu parameters will take precedence over the global parameters.

When you’ve finished creating your categories, tags, and case studies, click the “more” button to examine the details. You can also view the case study image in a light box from the admin panel.

Please go to Menu => Main Menu to assign a case study under a menu. When we say Main Menu, we really mean any menu of your choosing. Click the icon to create a new menu now. You can choose a portfolio case menu by clicking the Select button, which opens a window. After choosing Portfolio Layouts, a tag with the words “template configuration” should appear; please click on it. From this point on, you can modify the before text, toolbar visibility, landing template, details template, and list limit. Click Save and Close when you are through configuring. You should now see this menu item if you visit the front end of your website. Your chosen case study layouts will appear when you select that menu item.


= 1.0.0 – 27/10/2022 =

  • Initial Release

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