Terms of Use

Before you buy our goods and make a payment, we kindly ask that you read our terms of use and accept them. It is imperative that you comprehend our terms of usage thoroughly. We consider that by using the Tech Space Hub website, you have agreed to our terms of use.

We have the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time and without warning.

Product Deliver

Our products are digital and can be downloaded. You can download all of our paid products from the website’s account section. Each product has a maximum of three downloads before it expires.

The product will be downloaded by the customer once payment has been accepted and confirmed. Please contact our support staff if, despite making a successful purchase, you are unable to access the download option.

Product Compatibility

The compatibility of our Plugin, Templates, Component, and Module is mentioned in our product description. The majority of contemporary browsers and the most recent CMSs support our solution.


Extensions for Tech Space Hub are licensed under the GPL. This does not imply that people can have our goods for free; instead, they must buy it and pay for it. They can then utilize it on their website.

GPL policy protects purchased extensions, therefore you must comply with GPL compliance if you need to update or modify them. You are free to update or change our extensions in accordance with the GPL.

Illegal Usage

It is not permitted for you to distribute our extensions without permission or use them unlawfully. Using our extensions on websites with violent, terrorist, racist, or illegal content is forbidden.

Our extensions cannot be shared again by any internet platform, CD, DVD, Pen drive, or file sharing website.

We don’t share or utilize the information you provide while creating an account on Hub Spot Hub for profit. It is also your responsibility to keep your personal data secure. Please send an email to our support team if you require any assistance in this respect.


From Sunday through Thursday, we are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm GMT+6. We promise to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Our help may occasionally answer a little more slowly than usual due to heavy volume; we think customers understand that.


None of our products may be claimed as your own. The resources we used to construct any of our extensions are protected by copy right laws.

Price Changes

Tech Space Hub retains the right to offer discounts and make required pricing adjustments for its products.

There will be no refunds or returns accepted without a valid reason.

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