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Without changing the original source data, Lessen Code Minifier removes extraneous (whitespace, comments, newlines, etc.) data. You can use your local computer or online URLs to minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the aid of this program. You can also freely copy and paste a script (CSS, JS, or JavaScript) into our box to minify it. You will have the opportunity to download the file in.txt format after minification, which happens without reloading the page.

No files are saved on our server; everything is done instantly. Please remember that you must first choose the appropriate options (HTML, CSS, and JS) and then enter the appropriate script in the input field before clicking the Minify Input button to begin the process. You will receive the minified script on the output box once the procedure is finished.

You can enter a URL in the popup window that appears when you click the URL button in the top right corner of the screen. You can enter a website’s URL, a CSS URL, or a JavaScript URL. After entering the URL and choosing the type, click the Submit button to retrieve the material and minify it. You should see the scripts being fetched on the input box after fetch is finished. The code editor can be fully shown and data can be cleared in both the input and output boxes.


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  • HTML Minify.
  • CSS Minify.
  • JavaScript Minify.
  • Insert local files, URLs, or even copied text into the script.
  • Option to download minified script in .txt format.
  • The code viewer has a clear and full-screen option.

Multiple Layout

Once you have unzipped our file, you will find two layouts; select the one you require. One that includes a header, menu, and footer so that it may be used as a website. Another is merely a window for minification, which you can incorporate into your project. Even better, you can clone the toolbar’s coding and use it to your own undertaking.

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